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Public Information and Need of Knowledge NGO

Description: “Public Information and Need of Knowledge” NGO was founded in 2007. The organization is known to its beneficiaries and the public as Pink Armenia, the abbreviation for the English version of the organization’s name. Pink Armenia is a community-based LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) organization, which means the organization has been established by LGBT community, serves and supports the needs of the community, and promotes the LGBT persons’ human rights protection process and advocates for the change of public policy around LGBT issues.


Services provided:

- Legal counseling

- Psychological counseling

- Social Work counseling


Contact information:



Phone number: +374 / 60 377277

Women Support Center NGO

Description: Established in 2010, the WSC is a full-service Domestic Violence (DV) center led by a group of feminist activists and community leaders dedicated to the mission of combating domestic abuse through the protection, rehabilitation, and empowerment of survivors and changing the legal, educational, and social conditions that contribute to a culture of silence surrounding DV. WSC seeks to create an environment where women and girls are protected, defended, and nurtured.


Services provided:

- Psychological support and rehabilitation for adults and children

- 24/7 hot line

- Social worker support

- Legal advice and representation in court

- Urgent medical service

- Shelter for women and children victims of domestic violence


Contact information:

Address: Sebouh 2/1, Yerevan



Phone number: +374 / 60 525 535

Hot line: +374 / 99 88 78 08