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Equality Movement

Description: We aspire to live in a society in which people’s gender identity or sexual orientation is not a cause for exhibiting violence or other forms of aggression, and where women and the LGBTQ community are equal members of the society. In order to bring this vision to life, our mission is to support women and the LGBTQ community to ensure their proper integration in the society, and, at the same time, to facilitate the eradication of sexism and homophobia in the society. Thus, the organization provides the social and legal services based on the needs of the beneficiaries, works towards mobilising the community and conducts interventions of policy advocacy and changing the social awareness.


Services provided:

- Psychological counseling

- Social Work

- Medical consultations

- Legal support

- HIV testing

- Community work


Contact information:

Address: #59a Vasil Barnovi St, Tbilisi




Phone number: +995 790 980 680

WISG - Women's Initiatives Supporting Group

Description: The "Women's Initiatives Supporting Group (WISG)" is a feminist organization working on women's issues. The main goal of the organization is supporting the formation of a harmonious society based on principles of social justice by empowering women, which shall ensure full involvement and equal participation in social, political, cultural and economic life for all women.

The organization's special target group includes lesbian and bisexual women, transgender persons, women representing ethnic and religious minorities, living in rural areas, with disabilities and representing other vulnerable and marginalized groups.


Services provided:

- Sexology consultation

- Psychological consultations

- Legal consultations

- Social work

- Education

- Hotline consultations


Contact information:

Address: #29 Pekini avenue, Tbilisi,




Phone number: +995 / 32 237 14 15

Hot Line: +995 / 595 19 03 03